Pedal Tractor Pull

Saturday at 12:30 pm

North Field

Registration begins at 12:00 pm at the Gazebo

All participants receive ribbons


  • A- Girls 5&6 years old
  • B- Girls 7&8 years old
  • C- Girls 9&10 years old
  • D- Boys 5&6 years old
  • E- Boys 7&8 years old
  • F- Boys 9&10 years old


  1. Signed permission slip from parent or guardian (Slip furnished by fair board)
  2. Parent or guardian must be at event
  3. Entry fee $1.00 per participant
  4. Tractor furnished by fair board
  5. Length of pull less than 50 ft.
  6. Prizes furnished by fair board
  7. Judges shall have full power to decide all questions arising in connection with the contest. Subject to rules administration as provided. In any event not covered by the rules, the judges shall have full power to decide in a manner they think fairest to the majority. The judges shall determine the winner and award prizes.

Directors: Bob Bailey, Chairman; Carl Bonecutter; Jeff Wood Jr.; Bill Keeder; Tom Valuska; Paden Wood