1. No camper is to be set up before Wednesday without contacting the fairboard office. Campground electric and water will be on Wednesday before the fair to the Monday morning after the fair. (NO OPEN FIRES DURING THAT TIME.)

2. No bicycles, ATVs, 4-wheelers, dirt bikes, go carts, golf carts, scooters, skate boards, roller blades, or other wheeled rides are allowed on the fair grounds after Tuesday, prior to the week of the fair. Violators will be removed from the fairgrounds.

3. Campers must fit in the space or you will be transferred to another space at the direction of the fairboard. All camping lots & electrical outlets are assigned by the fairboard.

4. All fire lanes must be kept open at all times.

5. No pets allowed in camping area except service dogs. Any violators will be given that day to remove the pet. If non-compliant, the camper must leave the general camping.

6. Quiet hours begin at 12:00 midnight for all of fairgrounds. This will be enforced! Violators will be escorted from fairgrounds.

7. Generators are to be shut off at 12 midnight. Tampering with electrical service will result in removal from the grounds.

8. All trash is to be placed in proper containers.

9. No sewer permitted to be discharged on the grounds.

10. No outside refrigerator units.

11. Electrical cord used on campers must be number 10 wire – campers must have 30 amp RV plug.

12. Picnic tables are not to be taken by campers from the shelter houses.

13. There will be no parking of any vehicles within 50 ft. of any buildings.

14. It is strongly recommended that you have a fire extinguisher in your camper at all times.

15. Each water hookup and camper must have a backflow valve on it. This is a state mandate. No exceptions.

16. You must call the fairboard office if you are not bringing your camper in by Friday before the fair.

17. Please pick up your camping permit in the fair office on the date and time listed on back of book.

18. Deposits of $50 can be made during office hours at the fair or mailed to PO Box 2315, Wintersville, OH 43453. You must have your reservation made by October 1st of current year or you will forfeit a camping spot. Total balance due by July 10, 2023. Annual cost is $225.

19. In order to be put on the camping waiting list a $50 deposit must be made.

20. All campers must wear a wristband. All campers will receive 1 camping parking sticker & can purchase 1 additional camping parking sticker. Parking in campground only. Violates driving and parking elsewhere will be removed from the fairgrounds with all premiums forfeited and refused re-admission.

21. Agree to code of conduct – pg. 16