Lawn Mower Demolition Derby

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Chairman Ray Hilderbrand
Inspection 5:00 pm
Demo 5:30 pm

Driver Admitted Free
$20 entry – 100% Pay Back
Here’s the rules…
Any riding lawnmower allowed except for those rear engine types like Snappers. Decks must be removed. You may build a stack for the exhaust. You must weld bars on the side of the mower for leg
protection. If your gas tank or battery is in front of the motor you must move it to a safe place. You may rig up a hand throttle to run the motor wide open. You must bolt or wire your hood down tight! You may weld or bolt onto your motor a spark-plug protector. You may weld on a front and rear bumper that is to be no taller from the ground than 15 inches to the top of the bumper and may only be as wide as the front tires. No excessively thick bumpers, use your good judgement guys. Nothing may protect the tires in any way. No frame reinforcement is allowed except for what is needed to mount the bumpers and cages. You may change pulleys for your desired gearing. Chains are allowed on your rear tires. You must hit with the front of the mower during the derby. You must make a hit every 60 seconds. No hitting the leg area of the mowers. Hits are to be made to the fronts and tires of the other mowers. Helmets required. Rear Hits may be made using safe, smart judgement. Must be at least 15 years of age. NO home-made mowers. 18 hp limit.