Antique and Farm Stock Tractor Pull

Jefferson County Fair Ohio Tractor Pulls

Transfer Antique and Farm Stock Tractor Pull


Weigh-in 8:00 am • Pull 9:00 am

Directors: Carl Bonecutter, Bob Bailey, Chairman; Glenn Wood; Jeff Wood;



Antique Farm Stock




5,500 13,500
6,500 15,000

Entry Fee: $10.00

60% Payout on all Classes

For Information Contact:

Carl Bonecutter            (740) 944-1602

Fair Office                     (740) 733-8230

Jeff Wood                      (740) 381-6472

Bob Bailey                     (740) 765-5468

Paden Wood                 (740) 424-4342

Antique and Farm Stock Tractor Pull Rules

  1. Tractor starts with a tight hook.
  2. Draw Bar 20 inches high.
  3. One driver per tractor (unless otherwise stated).
  4. If weight falls off tractor that pull is disqualified.
  5. All tractors must stay in bounds.
  6. All tractors are to be standard block.
  7. No cut tires.
  8. Only the driver and workers are allowed on track while pulling.
  9. Decision of judges is final!
  10. The first pull must be taken in the original direction if distance allows.
  11. Operator must keep tractor under control on and off the track.
  12. Must have twisted cleavis, a D cleavis, or flat plate with 3” hole at least 16” from center of axle.
  13. Driver can change weight if someone on the track can do it for them!
  14. Driver must keep hands on controls and stay in seat at all times.
  15. Top four (4) drivers MUST WEIGH OUT!